getting toknow katie

Her true passion? The stage! Her parents knew they were in trouble when she performed not only her small role in the second grade play, but volunteered to take over the role of her classmate who had come down with the stomach flu - hours before the show. With a new script in her lap, the show went on! She is blessed to have been born into a family who played show tunes and encouraged living room theatre productions.  Today, she is lucky enough to continue her passion for theatre - now in Equity houses. Lately, Katie has been working on deepening her relationship with on camera work.

Katie was born and raised in the Miami, Florida. 305. Dale.  A second generation Cuban American, she enjoys perfecting her cafecito, hoop earrings, and guava EVERYTHING. Speaking of food, when she’s not in a rehearsal or writing, you can find Katie trying a new restaurant or binging the latest food documentary or attempting a new recipe or dreaming up her next meal or… You get it. She loves food. Moving on.

Katie is fascinated by story telling.  She is interested in humans and their unique stories, points of view, quirks, and physicality.  This is what lead her to study at the Groundlings and perform around Los Angeles with various sketch/improv groups. She also studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NY and LA.

At the end of the day, she’s a Harry Potter loving dork, who enjoys opening a bottle of wine and eating a delicious meal while the sounds of Billy Joel or Buena Vista Club waft through the air.

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